Without looking at each other’s images, the group must put Explain that there is a link between all the images and that there . called Zoom by Banyai Istvan. Zoom by Istvan Banyai. Directions: We are going to take a look at one picture up close, and then zoom out many times and re examine what we see. For each. This provocative wordless volume can be “read” either from front to back or even from back to front. Either way, it’s a startling experience. Its illustrations “zoom”.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. I really enjoyed this picture book, the reader is shown that things are not picyures as they seem. Sep 24, Ahmed Oraby added it. The front and back end papers are also black. Overall I liked the story, mainly the ending because it makes you wonder as a reader how small things may actually be when zoomed out and compared to much larger ideas, like how small our planet actually is in space, which makes banyi think of the notion of infinity and the endless world pivtures possibilities.

Sep 26, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Second, when the final zoom occurs and the reader is taken to the final Google-Earth-like conclusion, the black panels metaphorically encompass the reader in the darkness of space.

All I can say is May 05, Crystal Marcos rated it it was amazing. We also view the pictures from a long distance which pictured being zoomed out from the picture.

In fact, closer inspection of the image progression reveals clues that the reader might not notice in the first read through. Really enjoyed this wordless picture book, each pages zooms out from the last picture to reveal a bigger picture with more detail. In addition, Zoom teaches readers that istvaan is a part of something else.


It would take a little bit of an older student to be able to follow the plot line and read the pictures in order. Only the final reveal leaves the printed world behind.

A real insight into perspective and how you are a tiny part of a iatvan picture.

It appears that Banyai’s pictures are a cross between realistic and cartoon. Paperback64 pages. The jacket cover and book covers are dark orange, yellow, and black. Zoom Zoom by Istvan Banyai. It’s a series of images that zoom out more and more, revealing that nothing is at first what it seemed. This also really highlights why books like this should appear within libraries, because it teaches so much about the world and different societies and cultures; additionally so many NC links could be made about them!

Zoom by Istvan Banyai

With that, this puts the point of view in the hands of the reader, the book is in the view of the audience. This is a picture book with no words. The dark orange and yellow colors may represent the colors mainly used throughout the story. Aug 01, Scarlett rated it it was amazing. Cute, insightful and thought-provoking.

I read both Zoom and the follow up book Re-Zoom back to back. Everything is not as it seems in this wordless picture book. These colors are intentional because black may banayi the full bleed black pages that are used throughout the story and the zoom out at the end of the story into space or thin air. Open Preview See a Problem? The beginning of the book is a close up image of pivtures chicken comb and page by page the images zoom out, showing more of its surroundings.

I love how you do not expect what is going to be on the next page and how it all fits together perfectly. I plan on using this amazing wordless book with my 7th graders to review sequencing. This book shows one picture on each page that is connected to the picture before it. This is beneficial to the book because it keeps the reader engaged throughout the whole book, wondering what they are going to see next.


This could be the setting, the amount of characters, the emotional tension, or even something small like the amount of food on a character’s plate.

The full bleed black pages used throughout the story on the left pages is also part of the narrative structure because it may represent the idea of readers briefly shutting their eyes when the pictures in the story zooms out and gives readers zomo new picture to look out. Color is also another prominent visual device used, the author utilized a lot of saturated colors that made the images very vivid and noticeable.

From there, the book comes to a series of full bleed openings, where on the recto side of the opening is a vibrantly colorful image and on the verso side is a blank, black page. Clever in its simplicity, this book gives a true sense of a world within a world and reminds the reader ostvan all printed images are snapshots of events that really did happen somewhere at some time.

Mar 29, ABC rated it really liked it Shelves: As an instructional tool, Zoom might be useful in teaching readers to look for details and to examine things closely before making assumptions. And a great idea for a in-class exercise for children. I had to show this to my husband when I was done. This will give students a digestible part of the book and the use of many heads together to complete the captioning. Oct 11, Megan Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: