22 May Thus, Vidura was born to a Sudra woman and was raised as brother of After Krishna, Vidura was the most trusted advisor to the Pandavas. Vidura Niti II II Source of E-texts: Sanskrit UnicodeText: itdocuments. org Sanskrit Text of Mahabharata: Vedic Reserve at English. VIDUR – NEETI IMPORTANCE OF THREE TRAYA EVADHANA vidura niti snaskrit text with english translation.

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II He, in our race, who slayeth Brahmanas, or entertaineth feelings of aversion towards them, or impedeth or otherwise injureth agriculture, doth not deserve to mix with us. Are Brahmanas superior, or is Virochana superior?

He is considered the embodiment of the inner consciousness of the Mahabharata. That is no loss, O king, which bringeth on gain.

Full text of “Vidura Niti Snaskrit Text With English Translation”

Drawn by those excellent steeds, when well-trained, he that is wise, pleasantly performeth the journey of life, and awake in peace. He that is possessed of power should show forgiveness from motives of virtue; and he, to whom the success or failure of his objects is the same, is naturally forgiving.

II Vi II The intelligent man who relinquisheth pride, folly, insolence, sinful acts, disloyalty towards the king, crookedness of behaviour, enmity with many, and also quarrels with men that are drunk, mad and wicked, is the foremost of his species. That, however, O Bharata, by which all these are won, and which is the foremost of all kinds of strength, is called the strength of the intellect.

The energy of those i. II II The scum of the Vedas is want of study; of Brahmanas, absence of vows; of the chaste woman, curiosity; of women, exile from home.

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BJP e-Library: Vidura Niti in Sanskrit with English translation

Therefore, he that is self- controlled should neither exult in joy nor repine in sorrow. O son of Pratipa, at the time of that nethi match I told thee, O king—this is not proper. Mf dd II X? I hope, O king, that none of these grave calamities have overtaken thee.

Ambika and Ambalika were wives of ij Vichitravirya – the grandfather to Kauravas,Pandavas and Karna; and the father of Dhritaraashtra and Pandu. I am glad to get it from you in beethi minute. Thou also art present here in person. WH tfelTf I II hR II He that performeth acts tending to secure his prosperity in the other world with wealth acquired sinfully, never reapeth the fruits of these acts in the other world, in consequence of the sinfulness of the acquisitions spent for the purpose.

It is these which kill men, and not death. That is not morality which is separated from truth, and that is not truth which is fraught with deceit.

I ask thee with anxious heart, O learned one, tell me what is exactly in Ajatasatru’s mind 7. II “Vidura said, ‘Asceticism, self-restraint, knowledge of the Vedas, sacrifices, pure marriages, and gifts of food,—those families in which these neethk exist or are practised duly, are regarded as high. Saying an untruth from affection for thy son, O king, hasten not to destruction, with all thy children and counsellors.

Good and forgiving men born of high families and endued with fiery energy, do not betray any outward symptoms of what is within them.

It is well-known that where there is righteousness there is victory. A beautiful woman is never gratified with any number of men she gidura have. There are no physicians nor medicines for one that hath been struck by the arrow of wisdom.

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VII Fire lieth concealed in wood without showing itself externally.

Vidura Niti Snaskrit Text With English Translation

Therefore, every one should renounce them. In protest against the Kurukshetra WarVidura resigned from the post of minister. Sin, repeatedly perpetrated, destroyeth intelligence; and the man who hath lost intelligence, repeatedly committeth sin. The very gods desire his company, who, stung with reproach, returneth it not himself nor causeth others to return it, or who being struck doth not himself return the blow nor causeth other to do it, and who wisheth not the slightest injury to him that injureth him.

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