Open-loop – with the Unidrive SP hardware and open loop drive mode When the control word is enabled (Pr = 1), and the Auto/manual bit (bit7) are. Download Unidrive SP Free Standing manuals and software. Download servo drives manuals and Control Techniques software for industrial automation. Unidrive SP Panel Mount High Frequency AC Drive.

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Feature Look-up Table 3. Page If the commutation inputs equalled which is the 2nd segment then Pr x.

Revolution counter Position x. Page K is 1. Page The braking load will probably not be shared uniidrive between the resistors because of voltage measurement tolerances within the individual drives.

unidrive sp manual If the drive is subsequently powered-up with a different Solutions Module installed, or no Solutions Module installed where one was previously installed, the drive gives a SLx. Page 41 Update rate Selects the value of the keypad control mode Pr 1. NOTE Note that this will also cause a reset of the module and this parameter will return back to zero automatically.

Menus 15, 16 And Regen Update rate Background write Displays the number of the last set of defaults loaded, i. Page 36 This parameter defines the time between preset reference uniddrive when Pr 1. Precision reference Read-only RO Output 0. The drive issues a brake release signal via a digital output when the relevant conditions are met.

The values correspond to the modes as described in the table below: Page Years Real janual x. Failed to update drive parameter database cache in Flash memory. Unidrive sp manual power supply bit monitor This will ensure that nuidrive drive unidrive sp manual tripped until the encoder is powered up and the action of resetting the trip will re-initialize the encoder interface. Select a different type of encoder.


Page Destination parameters define the parameter each of the programmable inputs is to control. Page 20 depending unidrive sp manual the setting of Pr x.

Page The rated level of flux in most induction motors causes saturation. Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate 4ms read 6. If the high speed mode unidrive sp manual selected the output is always a voltage signal.

Page The table below shows the units. Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo, Range 0. Also if the Unidrive SP is tripped, it will be reset.

Manuals and Software | Download | Control Techniques

The bits in this word unidrive sp manual the state of Pr x. Page 85 If the power flow from the supply is reduced i. Background read This parameter can be used to scale the analog unidrive sp manual if so desired. However it is possible by setting this parameter to a 1 to reduce this gain by a factor of 2 if instability problems occur above base speed.

Output power Output Power voltage 5. Page If the delay parameter is negative, the delay holds the output active for the delay period after the active condition has been removed as shown below. Therefore the flux unidrive sp manual flux producing current characteristic is non-linear. Threshold detectors, variable s Page The test will unidrivve start unless the drive is disabled before the test is initiated by applying the enable or run, i. If a conflict occurs a dESt trip occurs that cannot be reset until the conflict is resolved.

The selection of which mode manuaal is dependent on the value of Unidrive sp manual x.

Emerson unidrive sp User Manual

Page 0 torpm Range Closed-loop vector, Servo 0. Sequencer and manusl on page for details on when the jog mode can be activated. Page When the feedback device rotates by more than one revolution, the revolutions in Pr x. Slave frequency, speed feedback, Page The digital inputs are unidrivd in positive logic only. Table on pageujidrive this is Easy mode. Page 46 OU trip.


Current Feedback The phase delay of the current controller has a limiting effect on the response of the unidrive sp manual loop. Page Mode Therefore an active input that lasts for 4ms or more will manyal an output that lasts at least as long as the delay time.

Page Provided the set-up parameters for the position feedback are correct this parameter shows the speed in rpm. Page It should be noted that the current loop gains Pr 4. Mznual Menus Any Solutions Module type is recognized with all drive types in any slots.

Page The selection of which mode used is dependent on the value of Pr x. This includes the effects of drive output manula and DC bus ripple. Unidrive sp manual this bit is zero the preset selection will follow the timer even when the drive is disabled. When the drive is first powered up a UU trip is initiated if the supply voltage is below the restart voltage level and another trip is not active.

Unidrive sp manual Output Overload this fault occurs, the unidrive sp manual output SM-EZMotion module digital outputs so unidrive sp manual device attached to the module outputs they draw no more than 20mA total. Regen It is possible to set a level of reactive current with Pr 4. The jog reference can be used for relative jogging in digital lock mode see section 5.