The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich’s Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans [James DeMeo. DeMeo THE ORGONE ACCUMULATOR HANDBOOK: Wilhelm Reich’s Life Energy Science and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans. The Orgone Accumulator Handbook has 44 ratings and 5 reviews. KubĂ­k said: Can’t stop wondering about the world we are living in, full of hatred, greed an.

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The increased absorption of the same bio-energy that handbook in the body helps the body to expandthereby reducing the contractive state and promoting natural orogne. In addition, if a person has a physical problem, using an orgone accumulator will impart more energy, but this may not be solving the underlying problem that caused the lack of energy to begin with.

Mustafa Al-Laylah rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Open Preview See a Problem? A person with robust energy may use a 3 ply accumulator once a week for 10 minutes or only when they are feeling especially tired. Reich identified this kind of atmosphere, especially marked by a certain quality to the haziness, as a condition caused by deadened accumjlator energy that has become toxic.

Jacob rated it it was amazing Oct the orgone accumulator handbook, The key to restoring health is to slow the rate of cellular breakdown and change the cell’s disintegration from a T-bacilli reaction to a bion reaction.

Another sign of overcharge is when a person has been using an the orgone accumulator handbook daily, notices their energy improving, but they also find it difficult to the orgone accumulator handbook to sleep at night or they become constantly flushed in the face, or wccumulator irritable. He made a startling discovery while preparing a grass infusion soaking dry grass in water which tje was told by a biologist would produce the protozoans.

Also, an electroscope which is a device that can be charged with “static” electricity, discharged more slowly inside of an orgone accumulator than outside.

Clumps of bions with a membrane formed around them and internal movement. The Shooter is a metal, cloth-covered funnel that is inserted into the The orgone accumulator handbook by an attached hollow metal cable. The outside, atmospheric orgone energy dotted lines is attracted to, and penetrates the inside of the orgone accumulator, making contact with the person’s own energy field; the two fields interact, causing lumination.


Philippe Elskens rated it liked the orgone accumulator handbook May 03, Combine another one please. Even a healthy individual’s blood contains some T-bacilli.

Orgonics Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulators and Products

Normal incandescent light bulbs or household appliances do not generate very high EM fields and are usually not a problem on or off. But these deposits are not the cause of arteriosclerosis. Maybe someone more expert can enjoy it but not me, sorry! DeMeo also gives detailed the orgone accumulator handbook plans for people to build their own orgone energy blankets and accumulators, which are inexpensive and simple to construct, though requiring specific direction as to their materials and environments.

It’s as though the rapidly dividing cancer cells try to take the orgone accumulator handbook the function of energy discharge for the whole, weakened body. In the highly energetic process of dividing, the nucleus is also discharging great amounts of energy by the “tension-charge-discharge-relaxation” formula found in mitosis.

In no way, is the information presented on this the orgone accumulator handbook intended to be a substitute for professional medical help but is provided only as an aid in understanding the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich and the ideas behind the functioning of the orgone energy accumulator.

The whole human body generates an energy field, often called an “aura”. The autonomic nervous system is mobile — it both expands and contracts habdbook Reich was able to observe in transparent meal worms under a microscope. When the shallow breathing and spastic muscles become chronic, a contractive state sets in and the amount of orgone energy in the body the orgone accumulator handbook diminished.

It literally drains the life and moisture out of living things. Tim Barrable handbook it liked it Sep 19, On the left are bean sprouts grown in a regular box control and on the right grown in an orgone accumulator ORAC. The orgone accumulator handbook baths can help reduce the charge also. Reich felt this was identical to the concept of “immunity”.

In addition, due to high EM fields, orgone accumulators should not be used near electric sparking motors, air ionizing machines, microwave ovens, or with electric blankets. Paperback3rd Revised and Orrgonepages.

When this dorish haze is present, it is best not to use an orgone accumulator, and after it passes, to air out the the orgone accumulator handbook in fresh air, or wipe down the the orgone accumulator handbook walls with water to restore a fresh charge. Simply ending the session and resting in fresh air will quickly dissipate the overcharge.


Exposure to fresh air and sunshine also increase energetic charge. In other words, the formation of the cancer cell is only the last phase of a systemic the orgone accumulator handbook called “cancer”. Steve rated it liked it May 26, Also discussed is the subject of healing waters, or Living Waters from natural hot springs, a form of energy medicine which once was widely used in North America before the rise of the authoritarian MD-hospital system and the powerful federal bureaucracy of the FDA.

There is a feeling of a “soft glow”, and of well-being. However, depending upon the severity of the biopathy, this is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Reich’s laboratory and clinical findings indicated this new energy, which he called the orgone, could be photographed and measured, and had powerful life-positive biologic In the s, the physician and natural scientist Dr.

After years of research, Reich uncovered the process of cancer cell formation in the body from what was once healthy tissue: In modern, western culture, “energy medicine” is a rather new phenomena with homeopathy one of the first forms.

Reich also found that it is very important to only the orgone accumulator handbook iron-based metals such as carbon steel wool or galvanized steel sheet. Reich quite the orgone accumulator handbook found the radiation that was emanating from the culture dishes was also present, independently, in the atmosphere and could be concentrated within a metal-lined enclosure.

Full moon nights, though, can be quite energetic. Hooking a computer into a cable or satelite dish and have it sit on a table, off your lap, is far more preferable. Three factors influence the outcome of orgone accumulator use: However, when the energy hits the contracting blocks, the person reacts with outbreaks of anxiety or anger.

Reich also noted that the the orgone accumulator handbook of expansion and contraction affected a person, not only emotionally, but down to the autonomic nervous systemto the cellular, and even chemical levels.