Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam is a stotra composed by Sri Adi. Sankaraacharya at Thiruchendur (presently located in Tamil. Nadu, India). When Sri Sankara. 14 Mar Dear All I most need the Link of Subramanya Bhujangam in Tamil which sung by Bombay any one send that Link If I get this I would. 5 Oct Subrahmanya Bhujangam By Adhi Sankara Bhagwat Pada Translated by P.R. Ramachander (This great stotra was supposed to have been.

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Drusi skanda murthy sruthou skanda keerthir, Hbujangam may pavithram, sada thacharithram, Kare thasya kruthyam, vapusthasya bruthyam, Guhe santhu leena mamaa sesha bhavaa. Sahasranda bhoktha thwaya soora Nama, Hathastharaka simha vakthrascha daithya, Mamantha hrudistham mana klesa mekam, Na hamsi, prabho Kim karomi, Kwa yami.

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Results 1 to 4 of 4. The Acharya it seems became very emotional and the Lord of Thiruchendur personally approved this great stotra.

Subramanya Bhujangam By Ramakrishnan. Mayurathi roodam Maha vakhya goodam, Manohari deham, mahas chitha geham, Mahee deva devam, maha Veda ln, Maha deva balam, Bhaje loka palam.

Thy arms punished Brahma, Thy arms govern the world as Thy play; Thy arms killed Soorapadma and other demons who are enemies of Indra; Thy arms are matchless in protecting the Universe, and Thy arms are a terror to Thine enemies. Oh Lord, what will you lose by, Showering small side glances on me, By those twelve broad eyes, Which extend up to your ears, And which forever rain the nectar of mercy Sudhangothbhavo may asi jeevethi shadsa, Japan mantrameeso mudha jigrathe yaan, Jagad bhaara brudhbhyo jagannatha thebhya, Kireetojjwalebhyo namo masthakebhya.


I offer prayers to please Thee. Oh Beloved of the Hunter’s daughter Valli!

Subramanya Bhujangam

Oh, Skanda, I meditate on your waist, Which is covered by golden sacred cloth, Which has a belt with tingling bells, And which has glistening and tsmil belt. O Lord who is the friend of all creatures, reveal Thyself! Let Him who is called the giver of good things, Who though forever looks like a small child, Powders mountains of great obstacles, Who though having a huge elephants head, Is much respected by Lord Shiva, Who is being searched by Gods like Brahma, And who is called the lord of Ganas, Bless bnujangam with great prosperity.

Easy way to remember rahu kalam Introduce yourself here A poem a day to keep all takil a For all the great sages and all great devotees, There are all gods ready to satisfy their wishes, But I do not know any God except Lord Subramanya, Who bhujanham the wishes to the greatly down trodden, I do not know, I do not know. Quotable Quotes Part II. I am always troubled by the mental worries.

Thou art the Lord of Devas and son of the Lord of the universe!

Oh Lord of the Devas’ Army! Lord of the Universe! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Subramaya Rajan in forum Web Resources Replies: Mruga pakshino damsaka ye cha dushtaa, Sthadha vyadhayo bhadahakaa ye madange, Bhavaschakthi theeshnagra binna sudhoore, Vinasyanthu they choornitha krouncha saila. Pranamya sakruth padayosthe padhithwa, Prasadhya prabho prarthane aneka veeram, Na Vakthum kshmo aham thadaneem krupabdhe, Nea Karanthakale maagapyupekshaa.

Listen to Devotional Songs. Oh Lord Subramanya, I meditate on your long arms Which punished Lord Brahma, Which playfully carried the entire universe, Which are longer than the trunk of the elephant, Which are like the bolt of the God of death to your enemies, Which killed the collection of Asuras, Which are capable of taking care of the world, And which are extremely strong.


Son of Lord Parameshwara who destroyed Tripura! Aham sarvadha Dukha baravasanna, Bhavan dheena bandhusthwadanyam nay ache, Bhavat bakthi rodham, sadha knuptha baadham, Mamadhim drutham nasayo umasutha thwam. Since I am always drowned in sorrows, And you being the friend of all those who are helpless, I would not like to request any other.

Thou hast slain the demon Soora who ruled the thousand universes!

Pulindesa kanya ghanaa bhoga thunga, Sthanalingana aasaktha kasmeera ragam, Namasyanyaham tharakare thavora, Swa bakthavane sarvadhaa sanuragam. Results 1 to 2 of 2 Thread: Salutations to the peacock, Salutations to your holy spear, Salutations to the sheep, Salutations to the rooster, Bhuujangam to the ocean, Salutations to the temple by the sea side, Salutations to Skanda, Again and again.

Kann Kalikkumpadi kandukonden Kadambadaviyil pann kalikkum kural veenaiyum kaiyum payodharamum mann kalikkum pachai vannamum aghi mathangar kula penngalil thondria emperumaatithan perazhage Abirami Andhadhi.

Yadabhdhe stharanga subrwmanya yanthi thunga, Sthadivaa pada sannidhou sevathaam may, Ithivormepankthirnrunaam darsayantham, Sadaa bhavaye hruthsaroje guham thaam.

And where will I go [other than you for help]? When Thou hast twelve broad long eyes extending upto ears, what will Thou lose by casting that side glance for a moment on me? Kalthram suthaa bandhu vargaa pasurvaa, Nari vaadha naaree gruhe yea madheeya, Yajantho namantha sthuvantho bhavantham, Smaranthascha they santhu sarva kumara.