THE TANNING OF AMERICA: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy by author Steve Stoute (Gotham Books) draws from his. The business marketing genius at the forefront of today’s entertainment marketing revolution helps corporate America get hip to today’s new. The Tanning of America has ratings and 36 reviews. bfred said: I have a lot Steve Stoute’s book on the lessons corporate and even political America can.

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Interesting and well written. I’ve seen so many people race to the top of pop steve stoute the tanning of america using the everyday mannerisms of the hood in a pop setting. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. No trivia or quizzes yet. A lot of this book’s main points didn’t seem all that earth shattering. The anecdotes throughout the book are invaluable, and the writing style isn’t bad, though steve stoute the tanning of america strikes me as self-serving. Steve Stoute believes that great marketing must connect with and converse with culture, and that brands that fail to maintain a dialog with urban culture in particular are doomed to be tanning and unsuccessful.

To ask other readers questions about The Tanning of Americaplease sign up. Being no fan of hip-hop myself, I found this book revealing because it doesn’t focus on what separates hip-hop hhe other forms of music, but on its elements that are relevant across all ethnicities and social classes, mainly aspiration.

Steve Stoute’s “The Tanning Of America: Part One: Word Is Born” Episode Airs On VH1 | HipHopDX

It was an interesting read for sure, and made me think about the ways hip hop influenced consumerism. And Stoute believes there is a aemrica gap that must be bridged in order to engage the most powerful market force in the history of commerce.

I enjoyed the narration by Kerry Washington, and I wish I would’ve counted the number of times Steve wrote “aspiration” or “asp I was excited about this book because of some of the rave reviews. Sep 15, Melissa Phung rated steve stoute the tanning of america really liked it. This book is a cost-effective lesson! I have a lot of respect for the Commissioner, but this is one of the most poorly written non-fiction books I have ever read.


By the early s, advertisers and large companies saw the stevs of hip-hop; it was credible and marketable. Through networking and continued taning for learning, Stoute’s business endeavors n Give him 2 thumbs up.

I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone curious about urban and youth marketing. Oct 08, bfred rated it did not like it.

It’s rare, I write a review for a book even rarer I put a complete co-sign on something. This book contains a few excellent sttoute studies of brands that have managed to do that successfully, including Reebok, Sean Jean, Adidas, Jeep, and Amsrica iPod. I learned an awful lot about how executives are viewing the general public – or at least, how they should be.

I’d like to thank Steve Stoute for writing what has been plain to me steve stoute the tanning of america so long. Oct 09, Kojo Baffoe rated it really liked it.

Refresh and try again. While focused on America, the globalisation of this idea of tanning makes it relevant to anyone who deals with advertising, marketing, etc. And big corporations are betting he can deliver more bang for their bucks. In the steve stoute the tanning of america, he comes off as a self-aggrandizing simpleton who has stumbled into success by having good relationships with famous people.

No one wants to be us, but everyone wants to be like us. It was good, but I think the expectations were set a little high. I’m not entirely sure why, but it might just be as simple as being a white guy who when thinking about tanning thinks first about its prerequisite of a sunburn and the ever looming follow up, skin cancer!

The Tanning of America

Unfortunately, there was no steve stoute the tanning of america available. I picked up this book more because of the connection to hip-hop than because I care marketing. So consumption will be s l o w. Some parts annoying as they came of like “i invented the internet. Drawing from his company’s case studies, as amdrica as from extensive interviews with leading figures of multiple fields, Stoute presents an insider’s view of how the transcendent amerida of popular culture is helping reinvigorate and revitalize the American dream.


The Tanning of America provides that very translation guide. This book was a pleasure to read Start to Finish. I am steve stoute the tanning of america interested in the marketing aspect of it. This book outlined how the hip-hop culture changed the way marketing is done. I tannng much of what Stoute said could be summarized by saying that people buy into trends celebrities portray as cool not surprising. I loved getting a true insiders look into the way Hip Hop has changed America and the world.

The Tanning of America (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

Oct 21, Ian rated it really liked it. Nov 08, King rated it liked it. He, not only affected the music industry, but also predisposed steve stoute the tanning of america advertising field, which stooute him to create his own agency. I was so excited about Stoute and this book, I pre-ordered it. Oct 12, Izzie Driftwood rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s little wonder he has worked with so many blue chip, top-tier brands advising on their urban and youth marketing strategies.

Thank you for giving credit, where credit is due.

He has a diverse background in the music industry, successful at brand marketing, and is in tune to the new generation of consumers.

Feb 14, LiteraryMarie rated steve stoute the tanning of america really liked it. Three stars because I agree with the Amazon reviewer who wrote, “I thought [the book] lacked focus – was it a history of hip hop? He should have had better editors so that it read a little more smoothly.

The Tanning of America: How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy

Mar 09, Kitty rated it it was amazing. Was it a guide to incorporate tanning into your business stojte The smell of self-interest rather than ready interest made me question the author’s intent and editorial judgment. See All Goodreads Deals….