Details. You are purchasing a downloadable pdf of this specification defines the requirements for selecting and evaluating mineral and slag abras. 15 Feb Mineral and Slag Abrasives (Abrasive Specification No. 1). 12 Jan The abrasives covered by this standard are primarily intended for one-time use without recycling, however, some media are capable of being.

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All abrasives must be classed based on crystalline silica content see Note 7. The sacks shall be mixed and separated and a 50 kilogram kg lb composite sample prepared in accordance with ASTM C Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

I do not think anyone can confidently quantify abrasive contamination transfer to a surface during abrasive blast cleaning, as there are too many variables to consider. At a minimum, the documentation shall include the following: Transfer approximately 1 gram of the dried sample to a tared crucible with cover and weigh to the nearest milligram.

Manufacturers may use the sspd to evaluate the performance of their coatings.

AB 1, Mineral and Slag Abrasives

This field test, commonly sspc ab 1 as the vial test, requires that a sample of abrasive be placed in a sspc ab 1, sealable container. Therefore, it is important to select the proper sampling loca tion, and to use proper techniques to select the sample. The surface cleaning rate shall be determined as the area cleaned divided by the time required to blast and reported in square feet square meters cleaned per hour.


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However, upon mutual agreement between ssspc and purchaser, a performance test procedure can be established. Please help us to szpc our service with your friends. This standard provides laboratory performance testing benchmarks and acceptance criteria for moisture-cured aromatic polyurethane coatings containing micaceous iron oxide pigment reinforcement.

Waterjet Cleaning of Metals: The abrasive shall meet all the requirements of paragraphs 4. This standard contains composition and performance acceptance criteria for initial qualification of non-metallic abrasive media, as well as cleanliness requirements for recycled media.

The frequency and lot size for quality conformance testing shall be mutually agreed upon between the supplier and the purchaser. The degree of embedment from abrasive blast cleaning operations can vary widely even within a generic category of abrasive.

SSPC SP 10 pdf | William Vargas Villa –

Normally the user shall specify the types, classes and grades required. Examine the material under low-power microscope 10X and if grains of different colors or character are present, select a few grains of each. While applying pressure, slowly move one slide over the other with a reciprocating motion for 10 seconds.

The substrate conductivity values after the surface prepn must be ensured under specified limit for specified checking frequency anyway! SSPC-TU 3 is a resource for facility owners and others charged with developing and implementing maintenance painting programs.

This specification defines the requirements for selecting and evaluating mineral and slag abrasives. Conformance tests shall be conducted on each lot as required by the pur chaser. No restrictions on crystalline silica content.


There are many factors that impact quality and productivity during abrasive blast cleaning operations, but sspc ab 1 abrasive quality is critical for long-term performance of the applied coating system.

Appendix A outlines a suggested procedure.

Place sapc succession the grains thus differentiated between two glass microscope slides. March 3, at It is important that the conductivity meter compensate for temperature and that the probe is verified for accuracy using a controlled solution with a known conductivity value prior to use.

A lb pot shall be charges with lbs kg of abrasive and the wb panel blasted to SSPC-SP 10 near-white condition. Referenced Standards amendment of the referrefer 3.

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There are several indirect requirements, including: Selection sspc ab 1 the type and size sspc ab 1 is dependent on the degree of cleanliness specified, the depth of the surface profile, the type of substrate to be prepared, and any specification requirements regarding type e.

December 23, at 7: SSPC-AB 2 requires additional field and ag tests for cleanliness to help ensure the abrasive recycling abb is functioning properly and that the abrasive operating mix is xspc adequately sized. The hardness shall be a minimum of 6 on the Mohs scale when tested as follows: