25 Feb The next major advance in the Web-Web will be built on semanticWeb technologies, which will allow data to be shared and reusedacross. Semantic Web Programming has 49 ratings and 1 review. Paul said: This is the first implementation focused book I have read on semantic web programming. Semantic Web Programming (X) cover image . John Hebeler has more than two decades of large-scale software development experience.

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The Jena SemanticWeb Framework. The Future jhon RIF. Exposing Java Objects Using Reflection 9. Data Source, Domain, and Application Ontologies Getting Started in Consulting, 3rd Edition.

Qualified Cardinality Restrictions 4. The companionWeb site features full code, as well as a reference section, a FAQsection, a discussion forum, and a semantic blog.


Mark Findlater rated it liked semanric Jun 17, Foundations of Semantic Web Programming 3. Alexey Zlobin rated it liked it Apr 21, Visit us on our book website; semwebprogramming.

No Support for Property Composition 7. Vocabularies, Taxonomies, and Ontologies.

Semantic Web Programming

Unit-Specific Properties and Datatypes. Implementing Semantic Services Elements of an Ontology 4. The Power of Rules 7.

Equivalence in OWL 4. Unit-Specific Properties and Datatypes Introduction to Ontologies 4. Negative Property Assertions 4. Andrew Perez-Lopez is a software developer with several years of experience with Semantic Web information systems. We wrote Semantic Web Programming to offer a useful guide to get the Semantic Web to do stuff — such as data integration and rich data analysis. Exposing Other Sources of Data 9.

Knowledge Domain Integration 4. Performing No Inference 5. Introducing the Velocity Template Engine.

Semahtic Frameworks and Components. Semantic Markup forWeb Services. Matt Fisher has more than fifteen years in software and systems development. Cory Martin rated it liked it Jul 06, Customizing the Jena Framework. View table of contents.


Semantic Web Programming

Aligning Ontologies with Code Building Semantic Web Applications 8. Jialiu Lin rated it liked it Nov 22, Four Foundational Query Forms 6. The companion Web site features full code, as well as a reference section, a FAQ section, a discussion forum, and a semantic blog.

Understanding Backward Chaining Inference. Learn more about Enterprise Learning Solutions. semanhic