Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture has ratings and 9 reviews. Paperback book. Web site: nics. Uncle Fester Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture 7th. (Author) Pediatric Secrets, Fifth Edition pediatric books. “Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture” ” Now edition , with shake and bake update! ” Avoid killing yourself and those around you with flawed directions .

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He will want to get going before the chemicals get stale. The glassware is set up as shown secrets of methamphetamine manufacture Figure The glass- ware must be very dry, so it is dried out in the secrets of methamphetamine manufacture for an hour or so. The hydrochloride is then precipitated from solution by slowly adding ether with stirring. Twenty minutes after the boiling stops, the glassware is set up as shown in Figure 1 1. A reddish tint means that his prayer failed and he was not delivered from the tar.

The chemist adds ml of water to the flask and swirls it around for a few minutes. The underground chemist checks for gas leaks in the system by sniffing for the smell of escaping methylamine. As the chemist continues bubbling methylamine into the formic acid, its volume increases until it is double its starting volume, about ml.

The contents of the collecting flask mainly pyri- dine are poured into secrets of methamphetamine manufacture clean, dry ml round bottom flask with 5 boiling secrets of methamphetamine manufacture, or 5 boiling chips are simply secrets of methamphetamine manufacture to the ml round bot- tom flask that the pyridine collected in and that flask is put on the distilling side in place of the ml flask. The chemist wants to keep the temperature down at the same level at which the reaction first kicked in for as long as the reaction will continue at that level.

A good quality lye, such as Red Devil or Hi-Test, is a substitute that saves a good deal of money and works line. When it has cooled down, it is poured in a tall glass bot- tle and kept in the freezer until the next batch is made, when it is used for the production of N- methylformamide. Jason Vaughan rated it really liked it Mar 15, The top of the flask is covered with a palm and it is shaken to suspend the crystals left clinging to the sides.


They are allowed to dry out some more then chopped up into powder. Figure 12 The glassware is set up as shown in Figure 1 2. For this class of chemicals, the law requires presentation of proper ED i. A ml beaker is filled half-full of the petroleum distillate from the can of sodium, or with xylene. The reaction mixture has the same color as beer and gently bub- bles. This causes the bubbles to break. The chemist pours ml of the acetic anhydride-pyridine mixture into it.

Red phosphorus, the standard co-reactant with HI is now getting very difficult to obtain. The flask is then assem- bled with the 50 cm condenser and the vacuum adapter, as shown in Figure 9. With a little practice, it is easy. Now extract the water layer with two ml portions of toluene, and add secrets of methamphetamine manufacture ex- tracts to the phenylacetone.

It tends to be a touchy reaction that if not mnufacture correctly will instead give you a bunch of useless secrets of methamphetamine manufacture tar. No eBook available Amazon. As an alternative, he may pay with manyfacture checks from the bank. I then proceed with an HI reduction to meth using sodium hypophosphite as a source for hypophosphorous acid. Sometimes it does not keep well, but so long as it is used to make secrets of methamphetamine manufacture batch of phenyl- acetone within a few hours after it is made, this pyridine works just as well as new pyridine.

As long methamphetaine it stays covered, it causes the chemist no problems. Once again, as in the distillation of phenylacetone, foaming can sometimes be a problem. Normal air pres- sure is torr.

Within about 10 seconds, the odor of methylamine can be detected above the N-methyl- formamide. Lists with This Book. This sexrets usually caused by raising the temperature of the reaction too rapidly, or by collecting too much high boiling material during the distillation. Here the crystals secrets of methamphetamine manufacture cov- ered by a thin layer of oily material, causing them to stick to razor blades, etc.


Many chemicals are also subject to the reporting of their sale as a result of the Chemical Diversion Act. The underground chemist is now ready to secrets of methamphetamine manufacture the N-methylformamide. When the rate of bubbling slows down to almost stopping, it is time to raise the temperature. He does this periodically un- til he smells methylamine.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition by Uncle Fester – PDF Drive

When both flasks have cooled down, the black reaction mixture is cautiously added to the sodium hydroxide solution. The standard taper glassware kit suitable for use in doing distillations and secrets of methamphetamine manufacture has become very risky and difficult to obtain by any method other than theft or diversion from a friendly source.

After it has cooled off, the collected distilled toluene is poured into a labeled glass bottle.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. The heat that this reaction builds up then secrets of methamphetamine manufacture this intermediate salt to lose a molecule of water and form N-methylformamide. The flask is sitting in an oil bath, to supply even heating to the flask.


The underground mastermind of psychedelic cookery has come up with even more ground-breaking techniques for those who study the craft. The secrets of methamphetamine manufacture layer is poured into A. They just do this so that if they get unexpected results in their research, they will know that it is not due to impurities in the reaction mix. The aspirator has methampehtamine disadvantage that it requires constant water pressure flowing through it, or the vacuum inside the secrets of methamphetamine manufacture draws water from it inside to make a mess of the batch.