23 Feb SAMREC Code The South African Mineral Code. The South African Code for the Reporting of. Exploration Results, Mineral Resurces. The SAMREC Code is a guideline that stipulates the minimum standards for the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves;. Concurrently with the evolution of the SAMREC Code, the Committee for Mineral. Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), initially a committee.

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This paper could not have been written without the contributions made by the many friends and fellow professionals who have contributed to the writing and revision of the SAMREC Code over the last 15 years. The reporting of Exploration Results has occasionally been misused or abused as some Competent Persons have tended to be selective in their reporting. Each sub-section that existed in the Table I has been included in the various sections and numbered using Roman numerals Figure 1.

A declaration for precious and base metals typically reports grade as a head grade, i. Therefore, the concept of defining the point of reference has been introduced in the SAMREC Code to improve transparency and enhance communication and understanding. A revision of the SAMREC Code was necessary because the mineral industry has advanced and has changed focus as the prevailing economic and political circumstances have changed.

Aspects mentioned include the importance of a market and the saleable specifications. Due to the number of changes in the diamond section of the Code and the specific nature of diamond reporting, readers are referred to the SAMREC Code for elaboration of these changes. Surveyors are responsible for maintaining accurate plans of the mine. Part of the communication is provided by the declaration of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. The current iteration of the code came into effect on 1 January The guidance provided in the form of a suggested signature page is aimed at identifying the Competent Person, noting their qualifications, affiliations, and relevant experience, as well as demonstrating that the Competent Person has indeed taken responsibility for their work or their contribution to the Public Report.

The manner in which projects and mines are funded, developed, and operated is continually altering; there are shifting requirements by the investment community, government, and society social license to operate ; there is a need to promote greater efficiency in capital raising and funding for exploration, mining, and production companies; and the SAMREC Code must keep abreast of the advances made by other international reporting codes and eliminate possible contradictory reporting practices.

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South African Mineral Reporting Codes – Wikipedia

Guidance has also been provided that ‘the data and information may be derived from adjacent or nearby properties if the Competent Person can provide justification of continuity for such an association’ Rupprecht, Unlike many other industries, mining is based on depleting assets, the knowledge of which is imperfect prior to the commencement of extraction.

According to SSC standards, CPs are required to have at least five years of experience relevant to the style of mineralisation, the type of deposit and the activity that is being undertaken. The SAMREC Code further advises that ‘historical data and information may also be included if, in the considered opinion of the Competent Person, such is relevant, giving reasons for such conclusions’.

Views Read Edit View history. However, the relationship with the commissioning entity must be clearly stated. Mining engineer The role of the mining engineer is to design, develop, and operate safe and efficient mines, whether surface or underground operations.

The designated Competent Person must be sure that they understand fully the meaning of the Competent Person designation and the responsibilities that go with it.

Also, the deposit is referred to as ‘Mineralisation’ so as not sa,rec imply any degree of technical or economic study. Mining engineers are able to undertake the various technical or engineering aspects of a mining operation, which are a series of very complex tasks, and formulate a mine plan and schedule that can be executed.

The key professions in Public Reporting and declarations in terms of the Code are geology, surveying, and mining engineering. Acknowledgments This paper could not have been written without the contributions made by the many friends and fellow professionals who have contributed to the writing and revision of the SAMREC Code over the last 15 years.

Mine surveyors assist with, and are an integral part of, the estimation of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. Until now, the necessity of a site visit has not been definitive.

IMPLATS Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Statement | Regulatory compliance

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The authors acknowledge that no single document could cover all accepted industry practices or assist with all possible situations. These are complex issues that will require further discussion.


The amount of effort that may be required in complying with the revised Code must not be underestimated. Canadian National Instrument NI is saamrec considered a superior form of reporting due to its structure. Geologist Geologists bring a range of important skills to the estimation of Mineral Resources, notably the discipline and rigor of science.

Once further scientific and engineering investigation has been performed and it can be demonstrated that there are “reasonable prospects for eventual economic extraction” [2]then a Mineral Resource Report can be published or declared. More comprehensive diamond and gemstone section. The code details three main categories for the reporting on mining projects, these are Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves.

It is believed that the new referencing will be easier for, inter alia, the JSE Reader requirements, and will assist Competent Persons to ensure they have addressed all the necessary reporting aspects.

The use of the checklist for every declaration is considered best practice and if completed properly it can provide the Competent Person with assurance that no technical inputs or practices have been omitted. The broadening of the ambit of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves has necessitated that more specific information be provided when dealing with industrial minerals.

Naming them all would be impossible.

Regulatory compliance

Deliberations continued, with agreement being reached for the definitions of the two major categories, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves, and their respective sub-categories Measured, Indicated, and Inferred Mineral Resource, and Proved and Probable Mineral Reserves under the Denver Accord in Mine surveying is considered to be a branch of mining science and technology and includes all measurements, calculations, and mapping that serve the purpose of ascertaining and documenting information at all stages from prospecting to exploitation and utilizing samgec mineral deposits by both surface and underground workings International Society for Mine Surveying.

The SAMREC Code is a guideline that stipulates the minimum standards for the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Samrdc adds credibility to declarations by project promoters, and assists in comparisons due to the uniform basis of the declaration, assists professionals by providing guidance; assists the Competent Person to demonstrate the legitimacy of the declaration, and provides credibility to Public Reporting.

The Codes Forum, Sydney.