23 Feb SAMREC Code The South African Mineral Code. The South African Code for the Reporting of. Exploration Results, Mineral Resurces. The SAMREC Code is a guideline that stipulates the minimum standards for the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves;. Concurrently with the evolution of the SAMREC Code, the Committee for Mineral. Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), initially a committee.

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Surveyors are responsible for maintaining accurate plans of the mine. These sub-categories indicate levels of geoscientific confidence in the project, from highest Measured to lowest Inferred.

Tableof contents Canadian National Instrument NI is often considered a superior form of reporting due to its structure. It is therefore essential that the industry is able to communicate the investment risks effectively and thus provide a level of trust and confidence for investors and other stakeholders to allow project progression and a sustainable operation. Although the authors have been involved only in the last six years, we owe them an immense debt.

It is hoped that this will clearly indicate the low level of confidence in the information and ensure that a reported Exploration Cide cannot be misconstrued or misrepresented as a Mineral Resource or Mineral Reserve.

The revised Table I is now in a ‘landscape’ format with each section numbered with Arabic numerals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The mining industry is a vital contributor to national, regional, and international economies.

Specifically, the standards and guidelines are applicable samrfc public reports compiled on behalf of South African Minerals and Petroleum companies for the benefit of investors. An important aspect of science is the ability to predict beyond the data.

Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly.

Introduction of a section on industrial minerals. The amount of effort that may be required in complying with the revised Code must not be underestimated.

The process of developing a mining project or mine involves technical expertise, requires samrecc substantial and long-term capital investment, and carries numerous uncertainties and risks.

szmrec Creamer Media’s Engineering News. These have been included as a separate section in the SAMREC Code to provide better understanding and communication to the various stakeholders and interested and affected persons or parties.

In addition to this, the volumes of the waste dumps and other surface stockpiles are frequently determined. When the economic feasibility of a project has been demonstrated, by taking into account Modifying Factors i.


Mining in South Africa Stock exchanges in Africa. In recent years, CRIRSCO has worked towards aligning all the international reporting codes so that the definitions used in the extractive industries are globally consistent. International aspects of Resource and Vode Standards. However, where a site visit is impractical or impossible due to, for instance, political unrest, this should be declared.

Regulatory compliance

In an ever-changing world, new products are continuously being developed that require new commodities or the continued production of existing commodities.

In this case, the Competent Person cannot abstain from taking responsibility, although a caveat may be appropriate. The reporting of Exploration Results has occasionally been misused or abused as some Coce Persons have tended to be selective in their reporting. These are complex issues that will require further discussion. Retrieved 6 April Additional information was sourced from the other international reporting codes and, where dode, the sub-sections of the original Table I reworded.

This paper could not have been written without the contributions made by the many friends and fellow professionals who have contributed to the writing and revision of the SAMREC Code over the last 15 years. The designated Competent Person must be sure that they understand fully the meaning of the Competent Person designation and the responsibilities that go with it. However, the SAMREC Code now includes a suggested table of contents to assist the Competent Person in providing a readable document and improve communication of the technical aspects.

Also, the deposit is referred to as ‘Mineralisation’ so as not to sqmrec any degree of technical or economic study. The current iteration of the code came into effect on 1 January Mining engineers are able to undertake the various technical or engineering aspects of a mining operation, which are a series of very complex tasks, and formulate a mine plan and schedule that can be executed. The classification of Proved swmrec Probable Coal Reserves has been modified to reflect a minimum requirement of a Pre-Feasibility Study or Life of Mine Plan, which now aligns this definition with international requirements.

The code details three main categories for the reporting on mining projects, these are Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves.

Surveyor The mine surveyor is one of the key contributors to the mining industry. The author lists possible reasons for non-compliance with the code, one being the fact that the viewing of reports are often subject to confidentiality agreements, and another being that practicing CPs are reluctant to make formal complaints against others for actions they may be guilty of themselves.


More comprehensive diamond and gemstone section. The financial valuation of a project or mine relies on geological and grade models that are the result of scientific modelling, together with engineering skills provided by the mining engineer and other experts and specialists.


Nonetheless it includes various valuable aspects that are relevant to the declaration of Coal Resources and Coal Reserves. However, the hope is that the industry will see improved communication and the positive progression of projects and mines as a result of these changes.

The value of the block model is that it provides the information necessary for mine and infrastructure design, supports the development of the mining schedule and informs mineral processing strategies, and underpins the declaration of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.

There is a continuous demand for various mineral and metal commodities that necessitates finding new deposits, as well as developing more efficient, safer, and cheaper ways of mining and processing minerals.

South African Mineral Reporting Codes – Wikipedia

This is without a doubt best practice and assists the Competent Person in fully appreciating the technical complexities of the assignment.

The responsibility of deeming oneself as a Competent Person lies with the individual as the ‘Competent Person must be clearly satisfied in their own mind that they are able to face their peers and demonstrate competence in the commodity, type of deposit and situation under consideration’ SAMREC Code Clause More importantly, the surveyor is responsible for the measuring process that keeps account of the monthly production tonnage and grade of the operation.

Due to the number of changes in the diamond section of the Code and the specific nature of diamond reporting, readers are referred to the SAMREC Code for elaboration of these changes. During the last few years the legislation affecting surveying has been revised in the form of the Geomatics Profession Act 19 of Geologists bring a range of important skills to the estimation of Mineral Resources, notably the discipline and rigor of science.

Retrieved 14 March Retrieved from eamrec https: Geologist Geologists bring a range of important skills to the estimation of Mineral Resources, notably the discipline and rigor of science. Lomberg I ; S. However, the relationship with the commissioning entity must be clearly stated.