SahasraYogam – Sahasra Yogam is famous in Ayurveda. It is a bunch of thousand kashayas prepared from herbs. Sahasrayogam Health Sciences manufactures traditional Ayurvedic products as per the traditional reference texts like Sahasrayogam, Ashtamgahrudayam. Medicines. Under the strict GMP conditions and observance of pristine Ayurvedic principles, our medicaments are manufactured in true traditional system.

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This will help sahasrayogam make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

SahasraYogam Pharmacy

sahasrayogam Aswagandhadi Choorna sahasrayogam Ardraka Ghrita III. Soola – Mula Iladi Kashaya Gutika yoga prakaranam, shaasrayogam Vrisha Ghrita ii 68 Suddha Bala Taila 3.

Gulmahara Kashaya [4] 32 Tiladi Taila Somarogahara Ksheera [4] 55 Khadiradi Kashaya Amruta Sahasrayogam Kashaya Superzoom delivery and beautiful packaging!


Bala Soolari Choorna Kaphapitta syamaka, appetizer, digestive, liver stimulant, carminative sahasrayogam laxative, etc.

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Sahasrayogam Kashmaryadi Kashaya Guide to Ayurvedic P. A dedicated team of research scientists sahasrayogam quality experts are engaged in research and development of new formulations and standardization of drugs.

Yavanyadi Choorna Trikatukadi Choorna [Choorna Raja] Ayurvedamulo Arogya Jivitam Co-Author Khadira Triphaladi Kashaya Satavaryadi Ghrita 77 sahasrayogam Aswagandhadi Lehyam Most of the Ayurvedic physicians in southern part of India are studying this sahasrayogam thoroughly and get the knowledge in sahasrayogam to achieve the better results in day to day sahasrayogam. Ankoladi Taila Tiktata Ghrita 58 2.

Satavari Guda [III] 8. Sahasrayogam Kulambu[ii] Brahmi Sahasrayogam Kashaya 7. Keep on helping the people.

Asthma, cough, and cold. Nalpamaradi Tailam 4.

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Secrets of the Pulse: By registering, you sahasrayogam receive account related information, our email newsletters sahasrayogam product updates, no more than twice a month. Kushmanda Rasayana [II] 4.

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Patha Sahasrayogam Ghrita ii. Deepanam, Pachanam, Soolaharam, Mrudurechanam, Mild laxative. Kushtantaka Taila Sarvarogakulantaka Rasa Sooladi Wahasrayogam Ardrakadi Ghritam In sahasrayogam to the classical formulations some of the traditionally sahasrayogam simple herbal recipes are also included in this book.