Directed by Baburao Painter. With Durga Khote, Baburao Pendharkar, Master Vithal, Ratnamala. रुक्मिणी स्वयँवर, मराठी (Rukmini Swayamvar, Marathi) [Gita Press गीता प्रेस] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. रुक्मिणी. – Buy Shri Rukmini Swayamvar book online at best prices in India on Read Shri Rukmini Swayamvar book reviews & author details and.

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Rukmini’s eldest brother Rukmi though was a friend of evil King Kansawho was killed by Krishna and was set against the marriage. Krishna, having received the message in Dwarkaimmediately set out for Vidarbha with Balaramahis elder brother.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rukmini. Retrieved from ” https: She and Krishna fanned him as he rested from his long journey. Bhismaka was the vassal of King Jarasandha of Magadha. Views Read Edit View history. Rukmini or Rakhumai is worshipped as the rukini of Vithoba an avatar of Krishna in PandharpurMaharashtra.

According to traditional accounts, princess Rukmini is believed to have been born on Vaishakha 11 Vaishakh Ekadashi. Shishupala was also a vassal swagamvar close associate of Jarasandha and hence an ally of Rukmi.

Shree Eknath Maharaj Virchit Rukmini Swayamvar

Narada warns her that if she is not able to do this, Krishna will become his slave to be done with as he pleases. This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat Rukmi was worshipped as Gaudera swayamvsr villagers since he was defeated.

Although born of an earthly king, her position as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi is described throughout Puranic literature:. Rukmi was an ambitious prince and he did not want to earn the wrath of Emperor Jarasandha, who was ruthless. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. InRukmini devi’s servant messenger is believed to have appeared in this world dwayamvar Vadirajatirtha —the greatest saint in the Madhvacharya tradition. In the memory of that event, there is a temple built for Madhavrai.

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Rukmini’s parents wanted to marry Rukmini to Krishna but Rukmiher brother strongly opposed it.

This story is often repeated to enunciate the significance of Tulsi and how a humble offering to God is greater than any material wealth. Jarasandha, not so trusting, sent all his vassals and allies along because he felt that Krishna would certainly come to snatch Rukmini away. People related to Krishna Hindu goddesses Lakshmi. She went to Indrani temple on the day of Jyeshtha star ruled by Indra to pray but was severely disappointed when she did not see Krishna there.

He also instigates her ego by hinting that her wealth may not be sufficient to equal the weight of Krishna. As she stepped out, she saw Krishna and he soon swept her into his chariot with him. They agree out of love for Krishna but alas, it is of no use. Rukmini is the first and most prominent queen of Krishna. He composed a famous work Rukminishavijaya glorifying Rukmini and Krishna in verses spread over 19 chapters.

She fell in love with and longed for Krishna, whose virtue, character, charm and greatness she had heard much of.

Narada suggests to Satyabhama that Rukmini may be able to get her out of the predicament. At Dwaraka, Krishna and Rukmini were welcomed with great pomp and ceremony. Bhishmaka gave in but Rukmini, who had overheard the conversation was horrified and immediately sent for a brahmanaSunanda, whom she trusted and asked him to deliver a letter to Krishna.

Meanwhile, Shishupala was overjoyed at the news from Rukmi that he could simply go to Kundina present day Koundanyapur Amravati district and claim Rukmini. Another well-known swayamvra in Rukmini’s married life is when Krishna’s childhood friend, Sudama, came to Dwarka to visit. Satyabhamaanother queen of Krishna, prides herself about the love Krishna has rukimni her and her grasp over his heart.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Satyabhama gives Krishna away in charity in spite of the other ruomini pleadings. Rukmini is also considered an avatar of Lakshmithe Goddess of fortune. Rukmini was the daughter of Bhishmakathe king of Vidarbha. The swqyamvar is soon set for the vrata.

Rukmini Swayamvar Code

Krishna, always the mischievous cowherd, meekly submits to this drama. After donating Krishna to Narada, Satyabhama arranges for a big scale to be put up and ruknini with all assurance for her huge treasure of gold and jewelry.

Krishnaism Vaishnavism Krishna Janmashtami Holi. They both started to swaya,var off when Shishupala noticed them. Her devotion is her real inner beauty. She suggested that he do this when she was on her way to the temple or back. Satyabhama, in frantic panic, swallows her pride and begs all the other wives to give their jewels.

Unable to bear this, Satyabhama challenges Narada to ruomini it. All that she has is soon put on the scale, but it doesn’t budge.

रुक्मिणी स्वयँवर, मराठी (Rukmini Swayamvar, Marathi)

A celebration of this event is held at Madhavpur in memory of this marriage every year in a cultural fair. Rukmini welcomed Sudama and gave him food. Bhishmaka and Rukmini received the news that Krishna was coming by their respective spies.

He welcomed them joyfully and made them comfortable. Narada lures her into accepting this vrata by telling her that Krishna’s love to her will increase many folds if she succeeds in performing rukminni Tulabharam.