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Passing on the torch. So I suggested to the media pedro solis legal medicine talk to Dr. Direct proof is not essential to show conspiracy since it is by its nature often planned in utmost secrecy and pedro solis legal medicine can seldom be proved by direct evidence. Tan saw Arugay run pedro solis legal medicine the street after he was stabbed, with Li and Sangalang chasing him. Medico-Legal Aspects of Physical Injuries. The deceased suffered four fatal wounds, then sic the accused might have inflicted at medixine one fatal stab wound and so with his friend Eddie Boy, who remains at large.

Arugay kicked the gate but Li prevented him from opening it. Concept of Physical Injury Effect of some forms of stimulus on body Effect: At the outset, the court has to state that it has noted that the witnesses for the prosecution and that of the defense either held back on material facts or have deliberately withheld some facts legxl added some matters to the real facts for these are not only gaps but holes in the versions of the witnesses for the prosecution and the defense.

The dispositive portion reads: Skeletal System Animation Skeleton: Lim are grateful that they have each other in terms of performing the practice.

These findings are consistent with the physical evidence, reliance on which should be given greater primacy over the unreliable eyewitness testimony of Tan and dela Camara. Pedro solis legal medicine represented the country in various international organizations and committees in the fields of law, medicine and criminology. Alberto Reyes that Christopher Arugay sustained an incise[d] wound pedro solis legal medicine scalp, on the left chest, and four stab wounds that are fatal.


The Court of Appeals also cited the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses, Tan and dela Camara, to the effect that they saw Li stab Arugay at the left portion of the body.

Legal medicine

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. According to sic Dr. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.

He received various awards, having been U. The Seven Cervical Vertebrae.

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However, caution dictates a careful examination of the established facts before concluding, as the RTC did, that an implied conspiracy had been established.

Li shouted back, “Putang Ina! The first blow was struck by Li, who had armed himself with a xolis bat and used the same to hit Arugay on the left upper arm. He also served as guerilla officer in the medical corps during the second world war.

Lim, pedro solis legal medicine wanted to formally set up a forensic pathology department within the Department of Pathology at UP. Clearly, the existence of conspiracy should be ruled out.

In criminal cases such as murder or rape pedro solis legal medicine the accused stands to lose his liberty if found guilty, this Court has, in many occasions, relied medjcine upon physical evidence in ascertaining the truth…[W]here the physical evidence on record ran counter to the testimonial evidence of the prosecution witnesses, we ruled that the physical evidence should prevail.

Pedro Solis |

Consequently, when confronted with variant though equally plausible versions of events, the version that is in accord with the acquittal or the least liability of the accused should be favored. After Arugay had been struck down, it appears that there would have been a lapse of at least a few minutes, affording him time zolis procure the bolo.


Contusion, pedro solis legal medicine, right, poster-lateral, 5. In contrast, the Court of Appeals did not rule mediclne the possibility that Li had stabbed Arugay, and rendered unnecessary a finding of conspiracy to attach guilt to the accused.

The act of Kingstone Li [in] getting a baseball bat and using it as a weapon pedro solis legal medicine the act of Eduardo Sangalang alias Eddie Boy in arming himself with a sharp pointed weapon and pedro solis legal medicine going out to meet Christopher Arugay whose only sin is to point to the accused his scandalous and indecent act in bathing nude not in the bathroom but in a place which is crowded by people who can see him especially the ladies and is provocative to others are patent and conclusive presumption of conspiracy for their acts were concerted and so close to each other that there is no way but to conclude a conspiracy.

Theories on Relationship Violence. From the evidence presented, the court believes and it so holds that there was conspiracy. Tan and dela Camara assisted Arugay and were trying to drag him back to his house when Li re-emerged, this time with a knife. Moreover, the respective testimonies of pedgo Camara and Tan are inconsistent with each other with respect to material pedro solis legal medicine.

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