Consult Otis Italy’s Gen2® Comfort brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/2. Otis Gen2 is a series of current machine room less and machine room This is a mid to large scale version which is almost identical to Gen2 Comfort, and also. GeN2 Comfort lift – Otis Elevator Read more about system, machine, steel, otis, lift and comfort.

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The procedure to make the elevator run is to plug it into a regular electrical outlet, literally. Otis video of Gen2 Mod elevator modernization model. Click here to login. The aesthetics and fixtures used are pretty much the same as the ones in Gen2 Comfort, but the European version has another one aesthetic design; Panorama, which is a scenic elevator cab.

Lifting equipment and accessories Minimum Order Quantity: A popular choice for low and mid-rise residential and commercial otis gen2 comfort, it has established new standards of performance, reliability and energy savings.

This version, unlike the European one, does not have ReGen drive as this is otis gen2 comfort an older model.

It also incorporates a Variable-Frequency movement control to provide greater operational comfort and smoothness as well as excellent levelling between cabin and storey. It is targeted for low to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. Gen2 Flex is a comfor scale, new installation solutions for existing buildings, regardless of age.



Optima An economical range of design with classic Otis quality. To give you the best otis gen2 comfort browsing otis gen2 comfkrt, this site may use cookies.

Low-rise residential and small scale commercial buildings. Contents [ show ]. Besides machine room less, Gen2 also comes with a smaller machine room above the elevator shaft, called Gen2-MR. Login Newsletters castellano Contact.

File:OTIS GEN 2 Comfort Roof Taket (Daniel Åhs).jpg

Selecta The widest choice of design materials from wood to glass. This eliminates numerous mobile parts, thus reducing wear and tear, increasing the reliability and durability of the lift and achieving a more silent operation with less vibration to provide greater comfort for the upper storeys of buildings.

What that means for developers s more spaced, and for owner the lower operational cost. The machine operates without gears. Luxury mid-to high-rise commercial and residential with mini machine room.

Once approved by a team of experts, otis gen2 comfort product moves on to its next stage.

It was first introduced in and used for new installation, existing buildings, or modernizations. Gen2 Comforg is only available in Europe. Retrieved from ” http: The Comfort elevator allows contractors to benefit from minimal construction requirement, and reduced cost of hoist way construction, due to the lack of a machine-room.

Recycles energy and provides clean power cokfort other building systems to use — making the Gen2 system 75 percent more efficient and use up to 40 percent less energy than non-regenerative systems.

Otis Gen2 Comfort

If the power fails, the elevator won’t go into a low-power state and shut down, it will continue to run normally, as if the power has not comvort out at all. This model might have been discontinued for the most parts of Asia.


Bathrooms External and internal enclosures Kitchens Solar Energy and climatisation Office fittings Urban fittings Outdoor and urban lighting Technical lighting and lighting of the home Collective installations, hotel and restaurants Electrical material, security systems and signage Construction materials Home furniture Outdoor furniture Flooring and cladding Textile.

It is sold in Europe and Asia Pacific manufactured in China. Privacy Terms of Use Otis Worldwide. The advantage of having an elevator that uses only 1-phase power is that it’s easier to run the elevator on a battery, which is the main selling point of the system. The amount of energy saved by ReGen depends on the car load, speed, length of run, traffic comffort and systen efficiency.

This lift, which mainly targets the residential segment, moves at a speed of one metre per second and has been designed to meet different load capacities: Login to start session.

The procedure to make the elevator run is to plug it into a regular electrical outlet, literally.