“One Holy Night”. Hispanic American: Sandra Cisneros The story was definitely not a happy one, and the way it was written at the end made it seem a little bit. Sandra Cisneros Character Analysis Ixchel” (“One Holy Night”) and “Ixchel,” the narrator of “One Holy Night,” who is in some ways herself a child, in others. 17 Sep One Holy Night by Sandra Cisneros Summary Power of Language Point of View Parallel’s between characters. Other Characters Love Allegory.

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In this way, Cisneros spotlights the internal process of coming of age, which sometimes expresses itself in abstract ways, proving that young people are capable of feeling intense and advanced emotions even if they experience them inarticulately, as Ixchel does in this moment with the surreal image of a version of herself leaving her own body. Send the link below via email or IM Copy.

By including this detail, Cisneros is able to lure readers toward Boy Baby with the same kind of curiosity that attracts Ixchel to him. She accepts these things without understanding them, nor sanra she feel any need to understand them on an intellectual level.

Ixchel touches him, but the look he gives her is cold and faraway. Irony plays an important role in this story, for the truth lies in the contrast between what the reader knows to be true about this seduction and what the narrator feels about her sexual awakening. Delete comment or cancel. Download this Lit Guide! Characters Ixchel is a naive thirteen year old girl who is taken advantage of by a cisnerls who deliberately lies about his life to lure her in.


The other characters in the story have their own form of delusions. Finally a letter arrives from a convent in Tampico, and Abuelita sends an inquiry. But Lourdes says it’s not that way at all. See more popular or the latest prezis. The archetype of the pne woman Ixchel, in this case is another theme that comes through clearly in all of Cisneros’ stories.

About the Author – “One Holy Night” by Sandra Cisneros | ENG The Short Story

Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters. Just sanrra of breathed through it, all day long, wheezing, in and out, in and out. Additionally, I asked one of my students from this past year if she would like to read a book with me, and she agreed. She describes her lover, Chaq Uxmal Paloquin, who claims to be descended from Mayan kings, and explains that her grandmother, Abuelita, has burned her pushcart and chased Chaq sanvra with a broom.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This site uses cookies. More presentations by Elizabeth Livingstone Untitled Prezi. They discuss the meaning of love; the narrator compares it to a mute man she once saw, who kept a harmonica in his mouth all day and walked around wheezing in and out.

She has no difficulty accepting what Boy Baby says as the truth — even after she has learned that in an ordinary sense it is not true at all. Eventually, Boy Baby makes Ixchel pregnant and he disappears. I don’t think they know how it is to have to wait your whole life. Foreshadowing is also used in the story, such as when Boy Baby talks about his guns and about how he wants his baby to bring back joly heritage.


For whatever reason, our conversation fixated on rape. An Interview with Writer Sandra Cisneros. I wondered whether a rape victim might consider it necessary to express the horror and the violence she went through.

One Holy Night Summary

Arte Publico Press, Perhaps he recognized her as an inhabitant of a mythical world. The use of language and the form that the story is presented in is intrinsic to understand what information the narrator is sharing with the reader.

In this moment, it becomes even more clear that he has manipulated Ixchel, capitalizing on and exploiting her young naivety. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He tells her how the stars foretell the birth of the boy-child who will restore the Mayan civilization.

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