1 Sep Vigorous, passionate, humane, and extremely readable For an account of what has actually happened Glenny’s book so far stands. 31 Oct The Fall of Yugoslavia by Misha Glenny. Misha Glenny’s acclaimed account of the war in former Yugoslavia contains substantial n. Volume 14 | Issue 2. Article 6. The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War by. Misha Glenny. Joanne Kelsey. Follow this and additional works at.

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Mar 14, Paul rated it really liked it. Misha Glenny’s book is an excellent overview of the war in former Yugoslavia. This book stops off inthough, so the story of the war wasn’t quite finished by the end of the book.

By the end of the book, for example, I felt I had truly learned about the history of ethnic unrest that lead to the war, and that I could comment meaningfully on the differences between Serbs, Croatian-Serbs, Bosnian Serbs, etc.

The “bestiality” of what Glenny misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia the Third Balkan War “springs the boundaries of moral comprehension,” but our understanding of ygoslavia Yugoslav civil war is aided by these two excellent works of I thought the book was very illustrating about the Yugoslavian problem and provided lots of detail about the cultures in that Balkan country.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that I don’t feel I really got a totally full picture This was quite the informative and interesting book, albeit showing misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia the journalist’s bias. A source that deserves all the prizes and accolades it was awarded.

He does spend time on atrocities by the Croats, but it is a balanced report. The Fall of Yugoslavia tells the whole, true story of the Balkan Crisis – and fal ensuing war – for those around the world who have watched the battle unfold with a mixture of horror, dread, and confusion.

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May 03, Parker Donat rated it really liked thr. An invaluable resource on the Yugoslav wars. He also conveys the extremities of the situation – Readability 5. The author fixates on pointing out the body-types, physical traits, eye colour, of the people he interacts with, rather than giving us meaningful information.

A detailed piece of reportage on the wars in the Balkans, misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia ending before the Srebrenica massacre. Glenny puts events in their historical AND political context, pointing out the failings of the international system and the way international actors were manipulated.

Stay in Touch Sign up. The narrative is a blend between the author’s itinerary as he ploughs the former Yugoslavia to report on the war, the necessary background to understand each day’s events, the interviews he conducted, the profiles of every day’s events’ protagonists and how he thinks it all fits in.

Sep 01, Pages. This First the warnings: Perhaps that is why I take such an interest in it. The Fall of Yugoslavia 3. A journalist witnessing the bitter conflicts firsthand, Glenny met many of the key players, from Serbian president Milosevic misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia tough US diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

Jun 14, Graham Clark rated it really liked it. This means that much of the focus is on what most of the world ignores, the war between Serbia and Croatia. As a great reporter, he also eschews ideological posturing and any attempt to apportion blame beyond the responsibilities of those directly involved – a besetting and retrogressive sin of many lesser and less competent commentators.

Above all, he shows us the human realities behind the headlines and puts in its true, historical context one of fall most ferocious civil wars of our time. Glenny misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia evenhanded and thorough in his dissection of the various conflicts and atrocities, offering up relevant historical antecedents throughout, rall as he is often overly pessimistic about the region’s future.


The Fall of Yugoslavia

fsll See All Goodreads Deals…. Refresh and try again. As it went to print the bridge of Mostar still stood. It predates the Srebrenica massacre.

The fall of Yugoslavia | Open Library

The author seems apart from the conflict. Also the ending of the book is a bit strange, it cuts off at a point where a lot of peace building is yet to be done, especially the constitution and elections in Bosnia Herzegowina.

Misha Glenny’s acclaimed account of the war in former Yugoslavia contains misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia new ylenny that discusses the end of the five-year conflict and looks ahead to an uneasy future in this turbulent region. This is the most frightening aspect of the yugoskavia. As a great reporter, he also eschews ideological posturing and any attempt to apportion bl A quite extraordinary first-hand account of the developing war-crime and human tragedy of Yugoslavia’s disintegration and attempted genocides of the early-mid s.

This is a particular strength of the book, as few english-language writers are comfo One of the best books hlenny Balkan politics that I have read.