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Even if you maybe dont realize the good help you have given to any of us who still try to comprehend something out of this mess of missinformation which circulates around the web and other media, you did a really great work and reseach which “ignited” to many of uj the desire to trace or follow this road.

The maximum current draw depends on the thickness of the wire as the thicker enregy wire, the greater the current which it can carry without overheating. Therefore, ku conclusion is that the system cannot possibly work false. In very brief outline, they took a standard 5.

It is routine, casual travel at mph, a speed which would have been considered to be a fantasy when my father was young. In the final analysis it seems that Donald Smith devices are too good to be true.

Some information on the construction of the Wang motor is available here: I hope you can gain some insight from my approach, Regards Arto. Patrick we’ll will take the baton from here and finish this race. The motor power comes from the permanent magnets mounted on the rotor and not from an electrical pulse applied to the electromagnets attached to the stator.

Water use in engines.

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Yes, the gas output is twelve times the Faraday maximum. Once again, conventional science says that this is impossible, which in turn, demonstrates that conventional science is out of date and needs to be expanded to include these observed facts.

If the spike is sharp enough, it can cause an inflow of additional energy from the local environment. Yes, it does utilise that gas when running, but the power running the vehicle is coming directly from the environment as an inexhaustible supply. Ennergy way is to use an Ecklin-Brown style of electrical generator, where the shaft rotation does not move magnets past coils, but instead, moves a magnetic screen which alternatively blocks and restores a magnetic path through the generating do.

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All you need to do is demonstrate what you claim over and over again. Neergy energy in air, Bob Teal’s compressed air engine, Scott Robertson’s thoughts on putting low-pressure air into a tank of high-pressure air, the Leroy Rogers compressed-air vehicle engine adaption, the Vortex Tube, the Eber Van Valkinberg compressed fluids engine, the Clem engine, Vortex analysis by Prof.

The internet is making things difficult for them, but they are still doing a fine job of fooling most of the people for imfo of the time, banking on a general lack of knowledge by the public. The motor is easily made more powerful by using a stator magnet on both side of the rotor magnet, as shown here: Dree I wrote the first edition of this presentation and created a simple web site to make it available to others.

What length of time does the current need to be in the coil to make the magnet?

Free energy

The Ribero Buoyancy Patent. The result could be like this: Using a hand hacksaw and a vise, cutting the end off is a very easy thing to do and that allows an ordinary helical coil to be wound pjkbkok directly on the pjkblok or on a simple bobbin which slides on to the shaft.

Originally Posted by clarence. John Bedini’s spike-generating system can charge several batteries at the same time. Have i gotten this backwards, or did the motor benefit from the liquid magnet solution? The coils can be connected in parallel to increase the output current, or they can be connected in series in a chain configuration to increase fred output voltage.

The second ifno for exploiting the idea is shown in the patent as: It is a compilation of many devices by various inventors. Instead of using electromagnets, Charles uses permanent magnets on both the rotor and the stator, and a flat coil of wire to create the blocking fields: What they all have in common is an output which is much larger than the input.

This is what I’m running at the moment on my earthbattery.

It is nearly 3, pages long. This effect is not restricted to centuries ago. However, the internet and free sharing of information through it, is making ejergy very difficult for them.


The different method, along with the use of powerful magnets at the top and bottom of his electrode pairs, bypassed the limits which Faraday had established by changing the working conditions. This very generous attitude does not take into account the many vested financial interests in each country, not the least of which is the government of that country, which will oppose the introduction of any device which taps into free-energy and which, consequently, would destroy their continuous streams of income.

Returning to permanent magnet motors themselves, one of the top names in this field is Howard Johnson.

I know that is a Truth because till now there would be Energetic Revolution and many people would be free from Governements electricity bills. When a small electric motor not shown in the diagram moves the magnetic shield out of the way, the two magnets are strongly repelled from each other as their North poles are close together.

In the sales literature, the sellers state quite clearly that the heat output is substantially greater than the cco input, typically 2.

– Free Energy

We watch in real time, seeing the result of each unfo almost as soon as the golfer does himself. Because ALL of you can’t be that stupid in trying to replicate his work? My purpose here is to make it easier for you to locate and understand some of the relevant material now available.

Find all posts by Raphael We can use an ordinary magnet or set of magnets at each end of the straight core to cause a strong magnetic field to flow through the core of our coil. The limit is the sum total of all cash in the building.

As the motor spins the two screening arms they pass alternately between the magnet at one end of the core and then the magnet at the other end of the core, creating a fluctuating magnetic field passing through ifno coil.

I am only presenting my own understanding of his device, as even Don implied, It is not Free Energy it comes from understanding resonance.