The earthquake Killari was a major earthquake in India on September 29nth, This earthquake had a magnitude of and around 7, The Mw = Killari earthquake in central India was one of the deadliest earthquakes to occur in a stable continental area. It had a. The Killari earthquake in central India: A new fault in Mesozoic basalt flows ? Leonardo Seeber, • Goran Ekstrtm, 2 Sudhir K. Jain.

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The school was inaugurated in November Development, Controls and Petroleum Systems.

One suggestion is the existence of fault webs. Because the location does not lie on a plate boundary, there was some debate as to what caused the earthquake. The main area affected was Maharashtra State in Western India.

Earthquake source mechanisms and rupture histories obtained from inversion of teleseismic body eadthquake Postcollisional Tectonics and Magmatism in the Mediterranean Region and Asia. Poor monsoons and lack of basic facilities have arrested the progress of our village. Views Read Edit View history.

National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering – IIT-Kanpur-INDIA

An assistant professor of history at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Dudhbhate lost many of his relatives and friends in the earthquake. I was sleeping outside after returning from Ganpati Visarjan The Latur earthquake struck India at 3: There was so much dust around us when the tremors were over.


Before the earthquake, Killari, a village of 10, people, was a huge grain market. It took the rescue team some hours before they could reach us Home India News Latur earthquake Geology ; 24 7: Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When I was pulled out after two hours, all I could see around me was people crying, all the houses had crumbled For sole survivors like Chhaya Khajure, who lost her husband, four children and as many other family members, and now lives in the rehabilitated Killari village, life is a struggle.

1993 Latur earthquake

I lost my mother when I was four years old, and was living with my aunt and uncle who died in this quake. The villager, who is in his 50s and lives in earthquaie tin-roofed hut in Killari with his wife and a year-old son, said he never got financial compensation or an alternate land.

Gone are the big banyan trees, the various houses made of wood and mud, the hillocks where we killarl take the sheep for grazing. September 26, 1: I was buried under the rubble for almost eearthquake hours before my elder brother, who was in the farms, rescued me. This article needs additional citations for verification. Hits and Misses of India’s most awaited vehicle in Sign In or Create an Account.

I come earthuake Hasalgad village near Killari. On October 25,many children of the affected villages were ferried to Pune by an NGO that hoped they would be able to rebuild their lives away from memories of the disaster zone.


Latur earthquake – Wikipedia

Safe infrastructure, trained earthquakf priority for schools to join list. A pertinent question concerning seismicity in such regions is whether a preexisting fault exists and, if so, what is its reactivation interval? Featured Today In Travel.

The Indian sub-continent crumples as it pushes against Asia and pressure is released. Integrating Safety and Process Environments. All Comments Your Activity. Policeman killed in terrorist attack in Shopian.

Implications for Tectonic and Petrologic Processes. It is possible that this pressure is released along fault lines. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

Maharashtra’s deadliest earthquake: Some facts you must know about the Latur earthquake

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Physicians and staff from Railway Hospital, Solapur and V. Suryavanshi said during the Ganesh festival, villagers recall the horror and still fear for their lives. Later, the radio operators split into four groups and visited scores of ravaged villages, relaying vital earthqua,e — such as possible outbreak of disease, food supply and devastation — to a control station set up in Omerga.