Lucid Dreaming, Consciousness and Dream Yoga: 8 days and nights of “ Varieties of Lucid Dreaming Experience” by Stephen LaBerge and Don DeGracia . “lucid dream” is first coined to refer to the type that Dr. van Eeden considered “ the. Lucid Dreaming: Psychophysiological Studies of Consciousness during REM Sleep. by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. Lucid Dreaming Physiologically Verified. Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming has ratings and reviews. Based on Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s extensive laboratory work at Stanford University .

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In his efforts to be thorough the author included many lucid dreaming methods that most readers will never use or have any interest in trying. Jun 23, Nathan rated it really liked it Shelves: There were symbols of traditional religions in the clouds, the Star of David and the cross and the steeple and near-eastern symbols. It actually sounds real similar to Virtual Reality.

Dr. Stephen LaBerge –

LaBerge currently lectures at universities and other professional institutions, and hosts lucid dreaming sessions at various locations. Mar 11, Konstantin Smygin rated it really liked it.

A great introduction to the world of lucid dreaming and how to go about obtaining the skills to lucid dream yourself. I was quite surprised Stephen LaBerge’s book was so labberge.

Stephen LaBerge

Likewise, if you just spent all your waking time talking to yourself. It seems that the criteria for a successful lucid dreamer is similar to that for being a successful Buddhist. I mean otherwise you’re just wasting all of that time sleeping, right? Lots of other really interesting info and practical advice can be found in “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”. View all 3 comments. When I thought about the meaning stephej that, I recognized that the deepest identity I had there was the source of being, llucid all and nothing that was here right now, that was what I was too, in addition to being Stephen.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

I threw myself against it again and again, but it did not yield. They took dreams completely literally. Pur se un po’ datato, questo libro rimane una pietra miliare nel campo. Lucid dreaming changes your outlook regarding existence, and the effects are irreversible, in my experience. If you are self-disciplined enough to follow the very specific steps to lucid dreaming in LaBerge’s book, you will experience the transcendent and life-changing states of lucidity.


I think it’s the author who is “naive” about those things, but who really knows? Apr 21, Ethan rated it it was amazing Shelves: I met and danced with a woman of matchless beauty, and I disported myself in endless summer.

If you saw the waking world like that, you would be considered either extremely self-centered or downright mentally ill. So I started singing for joy with a voice that spanned three or four octaves and resonated with the cosmos with words like, “I Praise Thee, O Lord! LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

We spent I’m not typically a big fan of nonfiction books, so Stepgen was understandably very apprehensive before I began reading.

On this planet we have a strong hour dark-light cycle, and almost all creatures are adapted to being active in one of those two phases.

He told his friend: I would think that people who are interested in something like Jungian analysis would be good candidates for this kind of thing, where they can take responsibility for the individuation process and help to further it in the dream state.

Have you found a link between creativity and lucid dreaming? Do we have more or less control over our experiences in dreaming than in waking life?

A lot of people hear about this phenomena and then have a lucid dream for the first time; it happened to me when I first read your book. In this book a lot of useful recommendation. What about other cultural awareness of lucid dreaming, the Hawaiians and Native Americans and the dream-time of the Australian aborigines? There are some people who can much more readily than others detach themselves from their current experience. After a few false starts where we did things like waking me stepyen at the beginning df the REM period to remind me that I wanted to be lucid, foolish laughter we finally let me alone.

American psychologists American psychology writers American male non-fiction writers American self-help writers Dream Lucid dreams Sleep researchers Stanford University alumni births Living people. Why do you think there is dresming much skepticism in this field?


The author was also very dismissive of out of body experiences which may offend some readers who have had these experiences for themselves. Conversations on the Frontiers of Medical Research: Solve problems; Gain greater confidence; improve creativity, and more. Even if the only thing you get stdphen of this book are ways to relax or recall your dreams I think this is worth reading and definitely a topic you don’t come across every day.

Okay, suppose you want to go to the lab? I think the major value of lucid dreaming is in giving people the sense that we live in a much wider world than we might imagine.

Many people llucid at dreaming as a religious or spiritual experience kucid is inexplainable. Then I had the first lucid dream in the laboratory in which I made eye movement signals, and sure enough, there they were on the polygraph. Nov 13, Pages Buy.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge

No trivia or quizzes yet. Read it Forward Read it first. To what extent can we influence dreams in the directions we desire? No one knows for sure, but there may be multiple purposes served by sleep. I realize I may be unus Full of practical, evidence-based advice on the practice of lucid dreaming from Stephen LaBerge of Stanford University.

The book talks about the methods that can be used to remain conscious while in dreams aka lucid dreaming ,Dr Stephen LaBerge is a towering figure in this field of research and this is reflected in the book.

There is more to life than people are ordinarily aware of.

As I was already familiar with the topic, I already knew the various lucidity induction techniques. Though it is an older book and the research may be slightly out of dreamong, I still think that this is probably the best first stop for someone who wants to learn about lucid dreaming!

Sep 21, Marius rated it it was ok.