Unauthorizations and Unsanctionednesses. Images. Conceptual Progenitors. Copyrights and Trademarks. Contact Info. Fair Use Policy. Printing Copies. For players without the time, energy, or attention span to take advantage of the full scope of the BrikWars rulebook, we offer this low-calorie substitute. QuikWars . from “The Peach Massacre of G.R. 2,” Rather than mess around with clunky protractors and drafting tools, BrikWars measures angles the old-fashioned.

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Comedy, Tragedy, and Stupidity. This keeps everyone at the table explicitly aware of what makes the game most fun for everyone brikwars 2010, and the more freely they hand out Bennies, the more freely they’re likely to receive them in return – unless they’re playing with a bunch of total lame-asses, in which case it’s better to find out about brikwsrs sooner rather than later, brikwars 2010 they can forget to invite them next time.

Apollyon from ” Operation Blau ” Elements shown: Physical Brikwars 2010 works like Armor – it can be overcome, but not used up.

The Almighty Benny, Lord of Genies and most benevolent of all the Spirits of the Game, rewards the Ossum faithful with brikwars 2010 ability to be Ossum all over again. Some Vehicles, like naval vessels and siege engines, may be so large or so slow that it takes multiple turns for them brikwars 2010 travel their own Structure length. Groups of toys may be friendly one moment, fratricidal the next, and staunchly allied against their Human overlords a moment later.

Who knows what mysterious powers this Skully Grail might possess? The player may be taking an unusually long time in the bathroom, or may have just been kicked in the groin and can’t come to the table for a few minutes. With brikwars 2010 sections of Cover, the Short minifig is at -2 to hit, as usual. Two disguised United Systems Alliance Mechanix bluff their way into a Trattorian maintenance brikwars 2010 by pretending to have doctorates in Plumbing Studies.

Some put their faith in the impossible figure of the Dodekube, ascribing all events to the random dice brikwars 2010 of disinterested Human gods.

On the other hand, an Energy Shield doesn’t slow minifigs down the way heavier armor does, and the two can even be combined for brikwars 2010 ultracowardly. Unless there’s some reason otherwise, units or objects knocked over by the projectile should stay knocked over in the game.

BRIKWARS Chapter 9: Vehicles

If he has enough time and loose bricks, he can build all three patches in the brikwars 2010 turn. Simply watch your chance and hit him with a brick. An assortment of d6es, d10s, and one glass d0.


Explosives are especially satisfying when used for Component Damage, as they can potentially destroy a large number of Components brikwars 2010 their blast radius at once.

Long-Ranged Weapons are for warriors who wish to brikwars 2010 exclusively on ranged attacks. Two massive skeletal hands form from the volcanic strata of the planetary crust, reaching upwards through the rock only to claw back in again and tear brikwars 2010 giant prolapsed orifice in the surface. In order to prevent this the game-breaking, not the nose-breakingit’s brikwars 2010 to limit Flying Vehicles to a maximum altitude of five inches in ground battles.

Tzan from ” Tribal Undead ” Elements shown: Sometimes Armor can become a troop in itself, if it’s left lying around too long and becomes posessed by armor ghosts.

Living creatures tend to fight back or run off when you try to Disassemble them, making it hard to get any work done.

Hammerman is a mysterious Hero brikwars 2010 appears without explanation or warning to oppose evil and smite undead. Bgikwars power of fudge overrides all laws. The Farce ensures that characters and factions exist only brikwars 2010 their own worst straw-man plastic caricatures, and Farce-influenced events brikwars 2010 rarely accompanied by brikwar more logical justification than “wouldn’t it be funny if,” often going to absurd lengths to avoid one.

An Assyrian detachment treks brikwas the frozen wastelands of the Iceworld Krysto. Depending on the type of power source required, vehicles or magic-powered constructs can sometimes also use Teamwork brikwarx help power a weapon – but unless they’re specially designed for it, this may require a What I Say Goes roll and some jury-rigging from a clever Mechanik with a set of jumper cables. Players may wish to save handling all KnockBack effects for the end, in order to avoid accidentally damaging or Knocking Back the same object twice.

The rotational effects on an object resulting from gravitational Thrust are easily calculated. Unless vrikwars used up his Brikwars 2010 to Parry or Bail in response to Counterattacks, he may now move and spend his Action freely – possibly to engage in Close Combat elsewhere.

Its jokes surround and penetrate the bricks, and its punchlines bind them together. It can help to handle secondary effects in the following order: A living creature can hold its breath for one brikwars 2010 if it’s not caught by surprise, but otherwise if its head is inside the Field then brokwars gas affects it as if the entire body were exposed.


The players resolve the effects of brikwars 2010 Counterattacks and the brikwars 2010 minifig’s attempts to Counter, if any. Motion Skill Mod Target is stationary. These ladies keep their weapons close to their chests. If the falling object’s damage manages to exceed the ground’s Armor rating 1d10 for soft ground, 3d10 for hard groundplayers brikwars 2010 elect to build a crater ring around the impact site, with bricks of height and inches of diameter equal to the number of dice in the hrikwars object’s Momentum.

Disagreements over favorite fizzy drinks, music groups, t-shirt colors, or religious beliefs – brikwarss more face-slappingly stupid and irrelevant, the better. In the hands of brikwars 2010 skilled Mechanik, the common brik becomes a thing of wonder. Because Weapon Size increases a Weapon’s Use rating along with the Damage, the highest-damage weapons are most effective against brikwars 2010 largest targets.

The Police State of Venice’s riot squad, called “The Brick Wall,” are perfect for defending brikqars and covering backwards-advances. Moving brikwars 2010 can be harder to hit, but also hard to resist. Brikwars 2010 Armor Level of Shaun Sullivan’s evil Juggerbunny fluctuates according to how fast it can absorb live rabbits.

The defending player declares whether he’s going to brikwars 2010 to Counter the Maneuver, either brikwars 2010 Parrying it or Bailing out of the way. Keychain mini-measuring tapes are great for winding around narrow spaces. Eric Joslin’s giant slays a series of Greg’s minifig troops with a single brikwars 2010 swing of his flail.

A medium-sized catapult Structure Level 2, Size 4″ has taken two points of Size Damage, and then, brikwsrs insult to injury, the enemy has used Component Damage to separate the rear section of the catapult completely. Even with added height of the most ostentatious helmet plumes, this Centurionette is dwarfed by her massive Two-Handed Sword. Praetorian Zephyr-class tanks are best supported by a full field artillery team.

Dienekes22 from ” 20010 on Combine – Turn 01 beikwars Elements shown: A Blast effect that fires a burst of Armor Piercing flechettes uses the same dice as an Armor Piercing shell that fires a shaped Blast charge, just handled in a different order.

Is this statistically equivalent? An Angry Brikwars 2010 is easy to construct – two bricks and two plates stacked together make a very accurate inch.