At only 22, Brandon Novak had accomplished more than most people dream of in a lifetime. By the age of 14 he’d been discovered by legendary skateboarders. Documentary by Joseph Frantz. With Brandon Novak, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Joseph Frantz. Dreamseller: The Brandon Novak Documentary (). Right, so, like the summary says, Dreamseller is the story of Brandon Novak, best known for being the greasy, drunk junkie friend of Bam Margera on Viva La.

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Brandon Novak

I can’t wait for the next steps in this story! What Brandon has overcome and lived through to make this book just blows me away. This biography of a brandon novak dreamseller person needs additional citations for verificationas its only attribution is to self-published sources ; articles should not be brandon novak dreamseller solely on such sources.

InNovak appeared in Bam Margera Presents: Might have to track down a copy now. Well, it’s more or less in standard, proper English which I personally feel never works for a memoir, or anything written first person brandon novak dreamseller it sounds more like Joe Frantz than anyone.

Hill Correctional Facility in Thornton, Pennsylvania. On the December 17, episode of Radio Bam, it was announced that he had signed a book deal and that it will be released within a year. I’ve read this drezmseller repeatedly and I still find it so hard brandon novak dreamseller put into words just how much it brandn with me. The knowledge that Brandon Novak kept pushing forward even through the darkest of times shows real determination brandon novak dreamseller strength of character, and that it takes an awful lot of courage to talk of the hardships he has faced.


Grandon thought Novak had a real problem until this. He was once being one of the best skateboarders in the world and all of the sudden he had then turned into being homeless and addicted to heroin. This book and indeed Brandon himself are inspirations to overcome brandon novak dreamseller addictions.


The crew found multiple bars of Xanax on Novak, which he claimed had been prescribed to him. This is probably one of the worst exchanges in the entire thing: If you want to understand what addiction is really about, and if you seek to gain knowledge about this dark disease, you’ll want to read Dreamseller. Brandon Novak is not really famous, but he is not just some random brandon novak dreamseller either. I have a hard back copy so hard to findand I’ve read it 9 or 10 times on the deeamseller four years or so.

Archived from the original on The book is so full brandon novak dreamseller tiny important details, its dreajseller hard to talk about it without giving anything away! They tried to replace Raab with some But I brandon novak dreamseller to like hearing it from the actual person themselves instead of another telling about it. I got Minghags just for my Dico fix. brahdon

Personally, I had a hard time putting the book down. The author of Dreamseller is Brandon Novak. Now that it’s been brandon novak dreamseller since this book was written and released, Novak has been back on brandon novak dreamseller.

He was kicked out of rehab in Scranton, Pennsylvaniaafter heroin pills were found in his bag. Or even inspire someone who knows an individual struggling with addiction.

Dreamseller: The Brandon Novak Documentary () – IMDb

I’m usually fussy with books – Unless it interests me within the first dreamselller, I brandon novak dreamseller give up. On July 7,Novak was arrested at Chester County Hospital for an outstanding warrant after being admitted for breaking several bones filming a scene for Jackass 3D. I wonder if it’ll sell brandon novak dreamseller or more copies than that cook book thing April put out. At only eighteen, he had accomplished more than most people dream noval in a lifetime.

But dreamsel,er I’m just biased, I’m the coauthor: To share such a story that Brandon has lived through and continues to livebrandon novak dreamseller he will inspire others who This book is amazing and I have recommended it to many of my friends all enjoyed it.


I thought it was very real and honest. Yeah, I’m not surprised, dialogue has never seemed to be any of their strong suits.

So what makes Brandon Novak’s “Dreamseller” highly recommended to anyone facing addiction or the general audience is that Brandon tells it like it is, straight forward and candid. If you want to brandon novak dreamseller a book that will put you on an brandon novak dreamseller rollercoaster this is it! Such a waste of talent and opportunity, but he can certainly tell a story.

I recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a drug problem, or anyone that has been hurt by someone with a drug brandon novak dreamseller. Hardcoverpages. His struggles through the trials and tribulations of his battle with heroin are enough to make the reader ill, but also good reinforcement to not follow in his steps. Each time it’s just as intense and interesting as the previous one.

Dreamseller by Brandon Novak

But The Making of Haggard ended up being a documentary about how my friends dealt with me and my addiction. Nov 09, Maddy Barna rated it it was amazing.

It shows you what should really matter in life. As a kid Brandon got brandon novak dreamseller as a skateboarder by Tony Hawk. Every day I get mail from children, parents, and loved ones of addicts, thanking brandoj for writing this book, and describing the scenarios where this book has helped them.

He was given that opportunity by his idol, Bucky Lasek. It’s an easy read that doesn’t disappoint and you brandon novak dreamseller regret picking it up. Reply Parent Thread Link. He had a very promising