28 Dec Askep Sirosis Hepatis English. PART I. INTRODUCTION. A. Background. In developed countries, cirrhosis of theliveris thethirdlargestcause of. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Download askep sirosis hepatis ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN PASIEN DENGAN SIROSIS HEPATIS A. LANDASAN TEORI 1. KONSEP PENYAKIT a.

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Choose lean protein, such askep sirosis hepatis legumes, poultry or fish. Iron buildup in the body hemochromatosis. Increase appetite and taste healthy. Complications of cirrhosis can include: Intervensi Ukur intake dan output. Batasi cairan 1 jam sebelum Cairan dapat menurunkan nafsu makan dan sesudah makan.

A; Masalah teratasi sebagian. Record the temperature on a regular basis. In the process, scar tissue wskep in the liver.

Students are able to explain the concept askep sirosis hepatis nursing care to clients with liver cirrhosis. In advanced cirrhosis, the liver no longer works. Ada edema – Tulang belakang: Maintain a healthy weight.

Klien dapat mengkonsumsi 1 porsi makanan yang disediakan. Bleeding related to increasing pressure in the main vein that brings blood to the liver portal hypertension. Diseaseearlyliver cirrhosisisliver inflammationoccurtend to enlargethe liverbecomes askep sirosis hepatis is painin theabdomen.


The liver carries out several essential functions, such as detoxifying askep sirosis hepatis substances in your body, purifying your blood and manufacturing vital nutrients. Motivation increased fluid intake and exercise if patients reported constipation.

Slrosis foods that are appetizing and appealing in its presentation. Ifthis continuesthenthe veinswill berupturedandwas bleedingoresophageal variceshemorrhoidsKaputmodusaumbilical. Approximately25, peopledie eachyearfrom this disease.

askep sirosis hepatis

Based on the above background, then there are several questions related to askep sirosis hepatis cirrhosis, namely: Cirrhosis is the ninth leading cause of death in askep sirosis hepatis United States and is responsible for 1. Klien mengatakan tidak ada selera helatis dan perutnya mual.

Excess salt can cause your body to retain fluids, worsening swelling in your abdomen and legs. Motivate an increase in fluid intake and exercise if patients reported constipation.

Keeping the patient can rest while askep sirosis hepatis body temperature high. Once cirrhosis develops, it is not possible to heal the liver or hepatos its function askep sirosis hepatis normal.

Reverse and change the position of patients with frequently. Melakukan evaluasi verbal dan non verbal. Smeltzer, Suzanne C dan Brenda G.

Batasi makanan dan cairan malabsorbsi lemak. Increase serum concentrations of appropriate antibiotics to fight infection. Offer food to eat small askep sirosis hepatis but frequently. Use chemicals sparingly and carefully. Students learn the correct nursing care that can be packed in preparation siosis practice at the hospital.


Select whole grains and lean sources of protein. If ssirosis have liver damage, your doctor may recommend acetaminophen Tylenol, others in low doses for pain relief, though this drug carries some liver risks, too.

Askep Gratis Untuk Semua: Introduce

P; Intervensi dilanjutkan semua. Laki-laki Diagnose Suku Bangsa: Scar tissue can make it difficult for blood to flow freely through the liver. Minimize the askep sirosis hepatis of time and increase the mobilization of edema. Motivation is very important for people with anorexia and gastrointestinal disturbances. Cirrhosis may make it more difficult for your body to process nutrients. In developed countries, askep sirosis hepatis of theliveris thethirdlargestcause of death aakep patientsagedyears after cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

If you have cirrhosis, take precautions to limit additional liver damage.