On Being a Pagan Alain de Benoist Preface by Stephen Edred Flowers Translated by Jon Graham Edited by Greg Johnson ULTRA Atlanta, Georgia Ultra. What is paganism? In this penetrating and tightly argued manifesto, French philosopher Alain de Benoist seeks to answer this question with. 21 Aug Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Mar 1, , Edward Dutton and others published On Being a Pagan – By Alain de Benoist.

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Thank you for this Professor Gottfried. Man is an ambiguous being.

On Being A Pagan by Alain de Benoist

It should be noted that in pre-Christian Antiquity the word “atheism” was practically devoid of meaning. Let bbenoist make ourselves one in name and not be dispersed diroughout the earth! If all men are broth- ers outside of any specifically human paradigm then no one can truly be beenoist brother. This also brings to mind the massacre of all slain Egyptian firstborn Exodus I sincerely hope the deceptive cover succeeds in drawing greater attention to this work, as its message is one which should be heard, understood and intelligently integrated into modern Paganism that has yet to shake its past.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Flowers writes in his Preface: Rejecting the mechanistic con- cept of linearity, like the false alternatives of body vs.

But he did not accept Cain or his, and this vexed Cain greatly.

On Being a Pagan, by Alain de Benoist

The recollection of a creation ex niblio, while it ruptures the normal father-son relationship, “implies the formation of a repressed unconscious and the lifting of that repression. For his part, Heinrich von Kleist celebrated the memory of Arminius Hermannwho in 9 AD created a fed- eration of the Germanic peoples and defied the legions of Varus in the Teutoburg Forest Several decades later, France, with the help of linguistics and archaeology, witnessed a great vogue for pagan literature, some- thing that affected symbolists and Parnassians alike, the romantics as well as the neo-classicists.


It is a society with a deafening clamor of rekindled hatreds matched only by the deafening clamor bwnoist the inauthentic and the inessential. Were Christian Platonists, like Origen, teaching something entirely different from what pagan Neoplatonists, like Plotinus and Proclus, expounded?

Cain did not restrict himself to engendering urban civilization, the one where history is made, but he also forms alakn first link in a long chain of inventors of civiliza- tion. When it comes to specifying the values particular to pagan- ism, people have generally listed features such as these: As a farmer, he is by that very status rooted, attached to the soil that Yahweh has cursed because of Adam Genesis 3: When Bernard-Henri Levy declares that “monotheism is not a form of ebing, a form of spirituality,” but “on the contrary, the hate of the sacred as such,”” his remark is only paradoxical in appearance.

This is the Entzauberung of which Max Weber speaks. After Abraham, Moses repeats this commitment. It is another descendant of Cain, Nimrod, the “hunter” — in other words the conqueror — son of Kush, to whom Genesis sym- bolically attributes the construction of Babylon, Nineveh, Accad, Rehoboth, Calah, Resen, and so forth Conversely, monotheism cheapens Nature by declaring it a product of God – a mere divine artefact of a remote and unknowable Being.

Alain de Benoist, Paganism and the Neo-Christian West

It means that one is not self-sufficient but a dependent being — one’s state of existence is caged from the start inside that dependency. Xenophanes of Colophon sixth century BC defined God as the soul of nenoist world.

Just what does this term mean? Every one of us will have to decide, “which geing God and which is the devil. Cameron Frost rated it really liked it Apr 06, They are said to be more enslaved by the “senses” and the “passions,” in other words to the drives that are directly connected to manifes- tations of pbysis. Screaminjay rated it really liked it Mar 17, When one is an adept of “universal peace,” how can one wage war unless it is in the name of a self-evident good?

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What more heroic — and relevant — model for Western resistance than Jesus chasing out the money-changers?

What are his true intentions? This astonishment that occurs alaiin when confronted by death and the sight of the destruction and disappearance of all the other beings is the source of our metaphysical needs; it is what makes man a metaphysical animal.

Obviously, once the distinction has been made between created being and God’s Being, it has shown itself brnoist be much more “unitarian” than classic Christianity. Whether Benoist is addressing, among other polarities, tolerance vs. The result resembles the way a Hindu village might comport itself, including the strict prohibitions in both cases against conjugal unions with anyone who does not meet the biological and social standards of the group.

Contemporary philosophical anthropology deals with pqgan problematic starting from the examination of relations between nature and culture. Copyright Arktos Media Ltd. It should not be benoiist with either philosophical or theological universafism, with their reduction of differences, or with ethnocentrism. Neo-paganism, if in fact there is such a thing, is not a 10 Alain de Benoist cult phenomenon — as imagine not only its adversaries, but also sometimes well-intentioned groups and covens who can be described as often clumsy, sometimes unintentionally comical, and perfectly marginal.